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BALI, Indonesia, 1 September 2010 (Karma Chronicles) — Ellie Sand, practising shaman, channel medium and alchemical astrologer, visited Karma Jimbaran a few years ago in a bid to re-harmonise the beautiful Balinese coastal land it was built on.

“There was then a very large open quarry next to the resort. The energy of the resort was draining into the quarry and not staying in the resort, so I stopped the drainage and put the energy back into the resort,” Ellie tells me during an interview from the Canary Islands. “I also released some trapped souls that were there.”

The results? From a business perspective, they were an immediate increase in hotel bookings.

With influence like that, it’s no surprise she and husband Mark Charlwood have been invited back to Karma—this time Kandara—to share their encyclopaedic knowledge of healing modalities from around the world with guests and visitors.

Bali itself, Ellie notes, is an ideal place to find one’s stillness. “And when you find your stillness, you can begin to connect with who you really are. It’s very ancient, the energy on Bali. It’s very harmonious. It’s also protective and nurturing.”

This September, Karma Kandara launches its Resident Masters programme, with the pair conducting a series of workshops and private consultations at the Bali resort.

Ellie is widely revered as one of the most accomplished practitioners of the spiritual and esoteric arts in the Western world today. Her experience encompasses traditions including astrology, alchemy, shamanism and geomancy, all of which is rooted in her psychic abilities she has possessed since childhood.

Over three decades, Ellie has travelled the world, augmenting her wisdom under the tutelage of renowned spiritual masters. Her client portfolio includes a number of celebrities and powerful business figures. She also works as a full body channeler, and will be having one on one sessions with people seeking advice from an Asian man, Okada, whom she has been channeling for 15 years.

While Ellie focuses her work on the soul and its journey, Mark deals with the physical, but the pair meet together with the emotional and intellectual when treating clients.

Mark has honed skills in a wide range of techniques relating both to human beings and the environment they occupy, including craniosacral therapy, shiatsu, osteopathy, homeopathy, feng shui, geomancy and dowsing.

Like Ellie, Mark counts a long list of prominent figures on his client list. His knowledge of Chinese medicine and ancient massage techniques has proven to be a huge boon for those suffering various kinds of injury or trauma.

If you have an ailment and wish to consult with either of the healers individually, expect to receive treatments tailored to your individual needs; if you’d like to learn more about healing yourself, consider attending one of the three workshops they will be offering in residence.

One-day Alchemy of the Mind, Ellie says, will teach students a technique to clarify their intellectual processes so they can discover the intellectual patterns that they have and learn how to change them for the better.

“It’s about learning to be the master of your mind and not the servant of it. Basically we clear the thought processes so we can become more proactive and less reactive,” she said.

The workshop will take students through three steps. The first is acknowledging how you think, whether that be analytically, judgmentally or idealistically. This allows you to then take the second step: refining those thoughts. Someone for instance who has a lot of conflict in their life and wants to release it, will need to discover that conflict within themselves. The third step is getting to where you want to be in life.

Two-day workshop Journey of the Soul will see Ellie use her skill as a shaman, which she defines as being a spiritual link or bridge between this world and the spirit world, for the service and benefit of the community.

“My focus as a shaman is really the state of people’s soul if you like, whether they are living or not. So if somebody is stuck or trapped or lost, I will help them. Journey of the Soul is a workshop designed to get us in touch with who we really are and what our life’s purpose is really about,” she said.

Techniques used during the workshop include some shamanic ones, archetypes, medicine animals, getting in touch with our guides, past life regression and rebirthing. “It’s very specifically for getting in touch with who you really are. It gives us a link into fulfilling the destiny you have. It’s not about following your fate; it’s about leading your destiny, ”Ellie said.

Ellie works with each person in a unique way suited to their particular situation.

“The principal is the same for everyone and the principal is about inner truth. You have to be true to yourself and you have to own every part of who you are, the good and the not so good—you can’t change the not so good bits unless you accept them.”

One client might need to work on a recurring pattern in their lives, such as choosing the same kind of boyfriend, another might need to deal with the loss of a loved one: “Sometimes I will go through the ancestral lines to discover whether a problem has come up through the generations.”

The final workshop, Sacred Space, spans two days and follows a process to create an area of sacred space within your heart, work location or home.

The first step involves geomancy, or the study of the Earth’s energies. If you stick a cemetery, say, or a hospital or power station on one of those lines, explains Ellie, you can alter the frequency and change something positive to negative. Conversely, it becomes possible to change negative back to positive.

The next step involves feng shui, or what you put in that space, and then discovering whether there is anyone trapped in that space; Ellie and Mark will show how you can help those souls to move on. The last part of the four-part process is focused on how you can change the memory of a building.

“Changing the building’s memory is about lifting off the old memory in the walls,” said Ellie, citing the example of her grandfather, whose footsteps could still be heard traipsing up the steps of his home at bedtime after his death. He had become part of the fabric of the house, she explained, but as he was a kind, gentle soul, the echoes of his routines didn’t last for too long.

“But if you have a traumatic event that happens in a building, the memory can get deeply imprinted into the fabric of a building. What we teach is how you can lift that off energetically.”

And even if you don’t have a particular problem, Ellie says, you can take a good place and make it better: “You can learn how to enhance the energy already there. If it’s already positive you can expand it and enrich it. If you do this system for your work, you can increase your income; for your health, your health can improve,” she enthused, citing an example of where the pair worked on a property that had seen seven couples all split.

“There was something definitely there, the imprint of patterns was in the fabric. So I cleared that imprint out of the fabric and already the person that is there has started to feel a difference,” she said.

Ellie and Mark work with a wide range of clients and have an array of success stories to tell: There’s the anorexic woman who now eats healthily after expanding her self awareness and redirecting an energy attachment to someone; the guy who had an apartment from which Ellie cleared a demonic energy that was hovering there, feeding on his fear and aloneness, resulting in him stopping drinking and beginning to communicate properly with people.

Then there’s the restaurateur who faced an empty business while his opponent was consistently full. “He asked me to come in, I cleared the restaurant and energy and now they’re very busy – busier than the other one now.”

Mark’s expertise in healing the human body expanded when he found that some patients at his busy UK clinic would leave a treatment session feeling much better, but would quickly regress back.

“I was scratching my head as to why this was happening; sometimes it can be the person, but sometimes it’s not,” said Mark. “What I discovered was where people spend large periods of time—such as where they are sleeping—can affect them if the place is situated along distorted energy lines. It can contribute to them being unwell.”

A place with apparently negative energy can be tested for geopathic stress using dowsing rods.

“An electromagnetically distorted line that is resonating can affect our lives: It can cause sleeplessness, disturbing dreams, not wanting to go to bed, waking up feeling distressed,” Mark added.

Once points of geopathic stress have been determined, they can be cleared away, while Ellie clears the memory of a building as well and releases any trapped or lost souls.

While at Karma, Mark will also be teaching level one and two training of his own Oaki massage, developed through treating thousands of bodies, which particularly focuses on the body’s natural Ki, the energy of life that flows through all living things. He’ll also be treating clients directly.

And even if you think you are relatively healthy, a session can help improve your well-being.

“People don’t realise what they are carrying around with them. It’s very rare that you would meet anybody who doesn’t have any history. If someone is stressed, or angry, or frustrated, that’s the dominating thing representing them, it’s not truly who they are. Their core or soul is absolute perfection.”

Essentially, notes Mark, it’s all about activating the healing process: “It’s the pebble thrown into the pool and the ripple of healing continues out.”

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